The Land Transport Authority tries to provide accurate and timely registration and licensing service for the general public. The registration and licensing data was very important to determine effective law enforcement and road safety initiatives that would enforce road safety and benefit road users.

The number of new and secondhand motor vehicles registered for the first time in 2006 was 6543 which was 694 less than number of vehicles registered in 2005.
The driver’s license renewal ratio was introduced to track the number of licensed drivers who renewed their driving license in 2006 against those who were due for removal of their driving license in 2006.

Classes 1, 2 & 8

As from now, all expired Driving License for more than 3 years who applies for payment of arrears must produce a Medical Certificate with the application.

Class 1 - Motor Cycle
Class 2 - Private Vehicle
Class 8 - Vehicle for Disabled Persons

Group 1 and 8

  • Learners Permit - $17 ($10 Application fee & $7 card printing)
  • Requirements
    1. fill-in application form
    2. 1 passport size photo
    3. original birth certificate or passport
    4. 16 ½ years
    5. sit oral exam same day
  • Booking fee for Classes 1 & 8 - $11 (book in person]

Group 2

  • Learners Permit- $20 [$7 application fee, $5 card printing, $5 NDC and $3 for workbook]
  • Requirements
  1. fill-in application form
  2. 1 passport size photo
  3. original birth certificate or passport
  4. 16 ½ years
  5. sit oral exam same day
  6. booking fee $11 [book in person] after completion of the required 30 hours which includes 20 hours practical and 10 hours theory.

Note: The person has to be over 17 years of age to obtain a license in Group 1, 2 and 8.

 Renewal of License for Group 1, 2 and 8:

  • 1yr $14
  • 3yrs $41.50
  • 6yrs $83

Classes 3, 4 & 5

Class 3 - Taxi / Rentals
Class 4 - Mini Bus/Carriers
Class 5 - Buses

  • Learners Permit - $17
  • DDC is only for Public Service Vehicles (PSV)
  • Requirements
    1. fill-in application form - $27.50 (including Police clearance fee $22)
      ($27.50 applies only to Classes 3, 4 & 5)
    2. Original birth certificate
    3. 1 passport size photo
    4. possess a Class 2 full license
    5. over 21 years
  • Booking fee for Classes 3 & 4 - $15.50
  • Booking fee for Class 5 - $20.50
  • For Public Service Vehicles, applicants will have to attend a Defensive Driving Course and produce Medical Report validity for 5years

Renewal of License for Group 3, 4 and 5:

  • 1 yr $21
  • 3yrs $63
  • 6yrs $126

Note: renewal has to coincide with the validity of DDC and medical certificate

Classes 6, 7 & 9

Class 6 - More than 3.5 Tonnes
Class 7 - Articulated Vehicles
Class 9 - Forklift/Crane/Bulldozers/Rollers]

  • Learners Permit - $17
  • No application fee is charged
  • Requirements
    1. over 21 years
    2. Recent Medical Certificate
    3. Group 6 will need full Group 2 license
    4. Group 7 will need Group 6 license
    5. Group 9 will need Groups 2 & 6 license
  • Booking fee for Classes 5,6,7 & 9 - $20.50

Driver License  Renewal for Group 6, 7 and 9

  • 1 yr $14
  • 3yrs $41.50
  • 6yrs $83

Late Renewals

  • If PSV license has expired for more than 1yr, client must undergo a driving test before license could be renewed (also check medical and DDC)
  • Classes 2, 8 within 3yrs of expiry date, renewal shall be backdated
  • If classes 1,2,6,7,8 or 9 license has expired for over 3yrs, applicant may undergo a fresh driving test

Duplicate License if valid license, client presents:

  • A completed application form
  • A Statutory Declaration Form (signed by Justice of Peace)
  • Police Report
  • Fee $8

If invalid License, client presents:

  • A completed application form
  • Pay the relevant fee for the relevant Classes to obtain a valid licence [refer to the relevant classes for the appropriate fee

Adjustment of License

  • When client holds a valid class 2 or 6 license and obtains a PSV license the
  • following procedure shall apply for the issuance of PSV license
  • Application fee $5
  • Alteration/extension of license $9
  • Issue of replacement card $8
  • Expiry date remains as of original license

Conversation of Overseas License

Client must be physically at the counter, but if approved by LTA CEO, another person on behalf of the client may carry out the required transaction.

  • Requirements
    • Fill-in application form
    • Produce overseas license
    • Original passport/birth certificate
    • Work permit [conversion would depend on the period valid under the issued work permit]
    • Fee $19 ($14 renewal  for 1yr + $5 application fee)
  • Applicant from left hand driven country must undergo a driving test (free of charge).
  • Applicants from left hand drive countries can use thier foreign licence to undergo the free test
  • Foreign licence can be used within six months of the date of arrival

International License OR [IDP- International Drivers Permit]

It is a booklet because the license has to incorporate the ;

  • English, Chinese & French Language. There is a membership of countries allowing the use of the Int’l License Driving Convention of contracting States which includes America.
  • Requirements
    1. Fill in application form
    2. Full drivers license card
    3. 1 passport photo
    4. Authorization letter from client if away overseas not physically present to sign the international drivers license
    5. Expired International Drivers Permit (for renewal)
    6. Fee $32 Replacement/Issue
      • Lost valid International License: Police Report + Statutory Declaration + $32

PSV Permit Requirements

  • Fill-in application form, fee $27.50 (application fee, police vetting)
  • 1 passport size photo
  • Birth certificate
  • Must be a holder of Class 2 full license

Driving Instructors Permit

Driving Instructor's Requirements

  • Certificate of Competency for Driving Instructor
  • Fiji Junior Certificate Exam Pass or equivalent
  • 2 passport photo
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Fiji license holder for over 3yrs
  • Character Reference
  • Letter of Application Fee $32.50

Certificate of Competency for Driving Instructor Requirements:

  • Must clear all pending traffic fines with LTA before applying
  • Be 21 yrs and over to apply
  • Holder of a full driver licence for more than 5 yrs (class 2)
  • Obtain a LTA Act 1998, LTA Regulation 2000 and Fiji Road Code Book
  • Posses a valid Defensive Driving Certificate
  • Produce certified true copy of “Birth Certificate”
  • FSLC pass or equivalent

A: Number Plates

  1. Replacement number plate with labels for COMMERCIAL class vehicle: fee charged is $16.50
  2. Issue of new plate without label will remain as $14.00
  3. Replacement of number plate for all PRIVATE and PSV classes: fee charged will be $14.00

B: Unique Application

  • Application (Written)-on approval by the AUTHORITY - Pay $325 [ transfer of unique number plate-$307, number plate fitting $5, duplicate wheeltax $4, alteration $9]
  • Transfer of Unique:
    • $135-if not simultaneously utilized-Revervation Fee
    • $9 – Amendment to registration to the fee (i.e Sequential Number plate/Original)
    • $5-Fitting & Number Plate fee (i.e Sequential Number plate/Original)
    • $4- adjustment fee for change of registration label (if valid) on the unique.
  • Transfwer of Unique 2: Unique to a sequential with original replacing unique
    • $9 Amendment of records for Unique
    • $5 Number Plate Fitting
    • $4 Adjustment on registration Label
    • $51 transfer of Unique Plate

LPG Taxi Requirements

  • Original Taxi Permit
  • A Request Letter
  • 1 Passport Photo
  • $7 Search Fee

Motor vehicle owners responsibility:

Owning a Motor Vehicle in Fiji can be exciting and rewarding, if you make sure that it is properly maintained, regularly washed and is made to comply with the legislation currently in place.

A properly maintained motor vehicle will ensure that the service it provides is always first class, because it is receiving the proper technical and mechanical attention it needs. By the same token a regular wash up gets rid of dirt that could turn into rust and assist in the corrosion of the motor vehicle.

That motor vehicle can only be allowed to run on any Fiji road if it has the proper papers which signifies that it has fully complied with the law in that it now has a Certificate of Fitness.

It is the responsibility of the motor vehicle owner to ensure that the vehicle is fully registered with a valid third party policy to safeguard its passengers.

Motor vehicle owners are therefore warned that you will have to pay fines and penalties if the LTA’s current operation finds your vehicle running on the roads while it is unregistered.

Any unregistered motor vehicle caught by LTA enforcement officers will be impounded, which means the owners will have to pay extra because of other service charges they will incur.

Section 49 (1) of the Land Transport Act 1998 specifies that all motor vehicle and trailer must be registered irrespective of whether trailer and, or, the motor vehicle is to be used exclusively on a private property.

Section 49 (3) makes it an offence for a motor vehicle owner to drive an unregistered vehicle anywhere in the country and is liable, on conviction, to the prescribed penalty.

The prescribed penalty for driving an unregistered motor vehicle is $200 spot fine for the first offence and $300.00 for any subsequent offence. It also awards 1 and 2 demerit points respectively.

Other fees you will have to pay, if your motor vehicle is impounded includes the following:

Impounding Fees $72.00
Arrears in Wheeltax [calculated according to the basis of the engine cc and duration of expiry days]  
Application to drive unregistered motor vehicle [or permission to drive] $7.00
Towing charges (paid to towing company, depends on distance and weight of vehicle)  


It is advisable for motor vehicle owners to have thier vehicles in order on time in line with the Authority's rules and regulations.

Please note that you will need to have a valid Third Party Policy, in order to have your vehicle registered.

The law on unregistered vehicles applies to all motor vehicles used in Fiji, either on public or private roads.


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Speeding continues to be major factor in road crashes, so slow down and save lives!


Speed limits are the maximum travel speed for any road. In many conditions, you should travel at a lower speed-such as in bad weather, after dark, in heavy traffic, on unfamiliar, winding or narrow roads.


You are more likely to crash if you exceed the speed limit or drive at a speed that is not appropriate for the conditions.

As your speed increases, you have a less time to react to emergencies and it takes a greater distance to stop. Other road users also find it more difficult to judge how fast you are traveling.